Rodent, Bat, or Bird Infestation & Biohazard Remediation and Bio-Recovery Services

Rodent, Bat, or Bird Infestation?

Perhaps you've been gone from home for a while and return to find that animals moved in while you were away...or perhaps bats or birds took up residence in your attic and you didn't realize it until you went up to check on it. Bat, bird and rodent feces carries a number of potential pathogens - not just Hantavirus, but the fungi Cryptococcus Neoforans and Histoplasma Capsulatum among others, which can result in opportunistic infections.

Trust UltraSteam for Certified BioHazard Cleanup

If you find large quantities of rodent, bat or bird feces and urine in your home, it's probably a job for professionals. We have the knowledge and equipment to safely remove this hazardous material from your home and decontaminate the affected areas to preserve your family's health and safety.